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DelphX provides a neutral fixed income platform for real time fair-value pricing of more than 25,000 fixed income securities. Subscribers gain instant access to full pre-trade and post-trade price discovery, detailed historical transaction data and comprehensive fixed income analytics.

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The DelphX Difference

With key innovations in dynamic price discovery, real time opportunity/risk alerts and comprehensive analytical tools, DelphX is designed to promote price-sensitive liquidity, better executions, lower transaction costs and dynamic risk and opportunity management.


Real Time Fair-Value Pricing

  • Access the continuously updating fair-value pricing for more than 25,000 fixed income securities, including rarely traded issues.
  • Reduce capital and financial reporting costs with market-based fair-value pricing.
  • Trade with greater confidence as to the current fair value of the security to be bought or sold.
  • Receive immediate opportunity/risk alerts as events of specified interest occur.

DelphX employs proprietary functionality to continuously calculate, validate and publish current fair-value prices. These calculations are market-based estimates that cannot always be 100% accurate. Accordingly, the degree of cumulative historical accuracy ("Score") of every MAVn™ fair-value price is continuously calculated and displayed as an element of that MAVn fair-value price. 

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The Need for Real-Time Corporate Bond Pricing

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